One Vow Self Weddings

img_7706Testimonial by Taylor F.

“The Self Wedding Ceremony was a beautiful experience. I could tell it was well thought out and full of intention. I felt safe in experiencing a deep renewal of the commitment to loving myself. The natural setting mixed with the ceremonial decorations created an atmosphere of true union that felt very special. The combination of the practices we were led in (journaling, Reiki, song, kundalini, dancing, vows, and more) helped the experience feel well-rounded and included healing and connection on many levels. I cried a few times at the overwhelming feelings that were brought up and the space that was held
to express that was a blessing. The actual vow ceremony was full of carefully selected and energetically powerful commitments and proclamations, plus standing in front of a crowd announcing what you are vowing to do for yourself: the care, nurture, love, and forgiveness that you now promise to live is powerful! The idea or stigma around “Self Weddings” seems so far from what they actually are! They are a beautiful and empowering act that doesn’t mean you aren’t going to be in relationships with other people, not get married to someone else, stop having sex, or any of that! It’s an opportunity to recommit (or commit for the first time!) to treating yourself with the honor that you deserve and show up for yourself as though you really were your own beloved.


Testimonial  by David G.:

“My name is David.  I work for Beats By Dre as an Audio QA Engineer.  Basically, I get paid to test Bluetooth headphones and speakers for audio issues, and write code to help speed up those tests.  I enjoy making music, restorative yoga, billiards, cooking, meditation, spirituality, and drawing.  I aspire to help others, love myself, and give back something meaningful to the world on a daily basis.  At some point I would like to have my own wife and kids, and I wouldn’t mind becoming a rock star.”

What did you Enjoy most about the Communal Self Wedding Ceremony?

“I thought that the Self Wedding Ceremony was incredible.  It was beautiful to see people recite their vows, and walk under the chupah with smiles on their faces.”

What is the greatest gift that you have received from this practice of Self Love and Self Marriage?

“I have become more devoted to loving myself. I have been able to be at peace with, and really enjoy my life, when I didn’t have a romantic partner to share it with.”


Testimonial by Mario M.:

“I am a part time student, part time worker. I care about people and friends. I love sports but interested in a business administration degree and becoming a serial entrepreneur.”

“I came to the ceremony after I’d seen the announcement on my friend’s Facebook page. After the ceremony I was inspired on how easy the whole process was and the value I put on myself as a person afterword.”

Dance Meditation

“As the circle of the sun falls beneath the water their exists no moment save that.” -Jed


“Lindsey’s warm and inviting demeanor sets the perfect tone for the meditation. Her effervescent passion engages everyone while maintaining a fun yet focused experience, with the reminder and encouragement of mindful intentions. It’s very enlivening and centering to be at the beach as well, I can’t wait until next time!” –Noel

Full Moon Ceremony Dance Meditation with live music by Tarot Dactyl Party

“Dance Meditation is a space where I can come and express my truest, wildest self, and know that I am accepted fully. There is something purely magical about it: soul-centered dancing with the sun in a tribe of loving people. Lindsey does such a great job leading and facilitating us all. It is a one of a kind event!” -Maggie


“I’m so happy to do the dance meditation at sunset with Lindsey. I’ve benefited greatly from the breathing and movement. Since I started I’ve lost 9 pounds. I always come away feeling more grounded and centered. I’m grateful for this time together. Thank you Lindsey Barber” –Rebecca

Accessing Akashic Records

“Lindsey has great energy.” -Jimmy

“It’s like I’ve awakened to a new version of myself. I’ve accessed several past lives with Lindsey’s meditation and one future self, who I get to connect with through meditation on a daily basis. I’ve released several shadow selves from my past lives and my future self is an amazingly powerful woman who gives me inspiration to continue down the path towards awakening in my present life.” -Marie