1900044_487788401327759_491704166_nAngel Star Love is a Visionary Philosopher, Artist and Mystic. She is a Reiki Master and a Singer/Songwriter. She has written two Albums of Romantic Self Love Songs inspired by her Muse, Owen Wilson.

She has trained in Miracles and Magic on the beaches of Maui. She believes Self Love and One Vow Weddings are necessary to the Blossoming Enlightenment of Humanity. She believes in the philosophy of Angel Star Love, which she channeled from the Archangels Michael, John Lennon, Bob Marley and Jesus. She believes We Are All intrinsically and metaphysically Angel Star Love. That by Being Angels, Stars, and Love, Humanity can Manifest and Co-Create a New Golden Age of Angels and Miracles.


Los Angeles Based DJ Galactic Seaman (Matthew Rac) started his musical journey as a teenager in the Chicago
electronic scene.
He has performed internationally, opening up for artists like Random Rab, and continues to play at festivals.
He recently ended his residency at the legendary Purple 33.
High Priestess Lindsey Barber is on a mission of Spiritual Awakening for all sentient beings.


Divinely inspired ceremonies and meditations allow her participants to find their unique path to all the joy and prosperity that the universe has to offer. The practices she teaches saved her from the depths of despair and expanded her own life beyond her wildest dreams.

Lindsey Lives, Loves, and Flourishes in Venice, California, where her favorite past times are cooking awesomely healthy food, performing as a dancer or in her band, and being active in the mountains or by the beach. Her life goal is to meditate and dance in as many countries as possible before she passes on from this glorious life.

As world traveler, who has hiked through the Himalayas of Nepal and visited various temples, Lindsey is a Kriya Initiate of the Himalayan Nath Lineage, which was brought to the west by Yogiraj Gurunath Siddhanath.

The polar bear, white moth and electric eel are her spirit animals as she specializes in balancing the elements through weekly dance meditations, Kundalini, intention setting, channeling, chakra alignment, Accessing Akashic Records, and Self Wedding Ceremonies.

She has learned from famous teachers such as Bob Weiss, Peter Oppenheimer, Marcella Kroll, and Abraham Hicks while also studying Education, Leadership, Social Justice and Human Development at Antioch University Los Angeles.

We live in an abundant universe! By tapping into our inner Ultimate Stream of Unconditional Love, we become a channel of peace for the entire world. Namaste!