Be Your Own Soulmate!

One Vow Self Weddings are gorgeously designed and divinely inspired shamanic ceremonies where we commit to loving ourselves unconditionally and channeling our Highest Self on a daily basis.

These ceremonies can be done for private individuals with optional friend and family involvement, with a group of devotees, as a one day event, or a multi-week awakening.

Self Wedding Ceremonies are for anyone who would like to develop self nourishing practices for Enlightenment, find alignment and balance with their multiple selves, attract a romantic partner, keep current relationships fresh, decrease their attachment to the external world, connect to divine consciousness, or increase their alignment with unconditional love, their own intuition, and their Highest Self.



For a more in depth look at Self Wedding Ceremonies, please watch this video from our most recent Communal Ceremony. 

Email for further information on pricing and purchasing individual awakenings.
One Vow Self Wedding Ceremonies are not affiliated with any religious denomination. All people are welcome to participate regardless of race, creed, religion, sexual orientation or gender identification.

Read more about why committing to Self Love through Ceremony is fun, life changing, and extremely important to our health and well-being. 

Private Self Wedding Ceremonies Starting at $300 per person includes:

This Private Ceremony includes marriage by ordained High Priestesses, Reiki Attunement, One Vow Guided Chakra Meditation and Love Works, Ceremonial Dance Meditation, Music, Vow Writing, Sacred Altar, and access to our private Facebook community. (Additional Awakenings are available for individualized planning.)

Self Wedding Ceremonies with Planning and Coaching start at $1,000

Go that extra mile and plan your very own Private Ceremony with High Priestesses Lindsey Barber and Angel Star Love! Celebrate committing to your Highest Self and all your glorious Love. The same services as above are included, but the ceremony is unique to your individual aspirations and includes 7 Hours of Wedding Planning, Self Love Coaching, or Healing.

Pre and Post-Wedding Additional Awakenings:

Healing circles, personalized prayer writing, private Reiki sessions, additional coaching on vow writing, individualized ceremony planning, ukulele and lyric-writing lessons for writing your own love song, meditation lessons, and abundance coaching focusing on values, integration and commitment, Self Love practices, and intention setting and manifesting are all available for purchase separately or as additions to any ceremony. Email for inquiries and pricing.

Learn more about your High Priestesses here:

Celestial Reiki Master Angel StarLove


High Priestess Lindsey Barber