Listen to this guided meditation daily for manifesting your ideal life from within.

It will only take 15 minutes of your day and no meditation experience is required!

Even if you do not have time to sit, I still encourage you to listen to it while doing other things! Just Please do not listen to this meditation while driving 🙂


meditations for manifesting flyer

This is a Manifesting Meditation that will help you get into a place of allowing the universe to provide for you–of allowing the beauty to flow like a river and unfold like a glorious lotus.

If you attempt to open a budding lotus with your hands, forcing it with your will, it will fall apart. In the same way, we are often striving so much that all of life, even our dreams can become a chore.

This meditation will help you take a step back from this hamster wheel state of mind.

This meditation contains affirmations that will help you embody all that you have been asking and striving for so it will flow to you more freely!

Know that the more you listen to this, the more you will find yourself practicing the calming, clearing, healing and manifesting techniques on your own!

You are divinely supported!

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