Connect with your Soul Journey!

Meditation|BreathWork| Guided Visualization

Every Sunday  at Believe or Leave (BOL)

Los Angeles   10am-12pm    Get Tickets Here






 Receive intuitive guidance by accessing your own Akashic Library!

The Akashic Records contain information on everything that has, can, or will happen in this realm and other dimensions. Through concentration, guided visualization and breath work, High Priestess Lindsey will bring you into a state of heightened awareness so that you can easily access your own Akashic Library.

Do you ever wonder which path to take next? Why you’re extremely disgusted with or attracted to someone you don’t even know? Or why stubborn behavior patterns or health issues persist regardless of your efforts?

The purpose of this meditation is to uncover, discover and discard. To heal and release beliefs that no longer serve us and to connect with creative consciousness.

The workshop format is as follows:
—30 minute discussion with Q & A regarding the process of accessing the Akashic Records
—Choosing a question, intention, or path on which you would like to receive guidance.
—Concentration, visualization and breath work exercises
—A 30 minute guided meditation for accessing the Akashic Records
—Processing and stream of consciousness writing to soak up all downloads, details & information received
—Voluntary sharing, discussion and Q&A
Lindsey will share a guided meditation gleamed from various teachers, books and personal experiences for everyone to have a unique experience of a past, potential, astral or a future life.
Many people walk in the shoes of their past or future self, while others watch the lifetime like a movie. Whatever the level of sense impressions you receive, be confident that you will be given guidance as to your current life’s purpose or challenges, find new inspiration, or even be freed from beliefs that no longer serve you.


Watch these videos so you know what to expect at the Akashic Records Meditation! They audio in these videos are script excerpts from the actual meditation!


It’s quite a trip! No LSD required!

You do not need to believe in such spiritual matters to participate. All you need is an open mind. From a psychological perspective you can consider this as a process of tapping into and learning from your own unconscious mind in visual form in order to understand and change stubborn beliefs and behavior patterns.

Please wear comfortable clothing, bring a pen and a notebook.


We are available for private and group sessions. Please email for more information. Blessings!





Please Note: Results may vary. Everyone’s ability to visualize and access their unconscious mind and the Akashic Records to receive intuitive guidance depends on a variety of factors beyond the facilitators control. There is no guarantee that you will access the records in your first sitting.