Special Pink Moon Ceremony and Dance Meditation!
April 30th, 2018 at 6 pm – 9 pm

Dockweiler Beach Bonfire Pits


Like flowers in Spring we come together to celebrate our bloom!

What to expect:
-Dance Meditation: Ecstatic Dance, Breath work, guided visualization, intention setting

-Fire Ceremony: Burning your fears, your past, or anything that blocking you from your true self. (Please within reason/environmentally conscious)


-Artist Share: Bring your music, yourself, your writing, your dance, anything that you would like to share in a supportive and sacred space.

-Celebrate Life: Write Vows, Set Intentions, and consecrate them through ceremony

-Connect with a Conscious Community

DIRECTIONS: We will be at the water’s edge at Dockweiler State Beach near one of the Northern Most Fire Pits. Click here for map.

Bring: Layers/Warm Clothes, water, snacks and your awesomeness.

Encouraged: Blankets, Beach Chairs, Hot Beverages Costumes, ACOUSTIC INSTRUMENTS, crystals and other sacred objects for the altar.

$20 suggested donation (no one turned away for lack of funds)

PLEASE CONSIDER DONATING: Firewood, snacks, or water
To do this and for more information email me.

Dance Meditation means Movement for Mindfulness. Come as you are and leave with an expanded sense of self!

High Priestess Lindsey Barber is your Dance Meditation Facilitator! She is part of a Kriya Yoga Himalayan Nath lineage dating back 18,000 years in India. Dance and Meditation have not only saved her life, but allowed it to blossom! She holds a divine space allowing dance and meditation to mingle in a way that is easily accessible for all, while being spiritually, physically and emotionally rewarding. Come join her on Venice Beach and at yoga and meditation centers in the greater Los Angeles Area.

Previous meditations have included both live and recorded music! Instruments are welcome!

Dance Meditation Details:

Incorporating Mindful Movement, Sacred Ritual, Breath Work, Chanting, and guided visualization!

Release unwanted energy.

Cultivate bliss, awareness, and divine connections.

Free your body, mind and soul!

Manifest your positive intentions!

Book your own Dance Meditation for your company or private event! Build Consciousness and Community through movement!

Email Awakening2abundance@gmail.com or call 310.905.7584 for pricing.

Here are some more videos about the Dance Meditation!

Every Dance Meditation begins with a community circle and Check in!



Then we do a little Yogic Movement with Mantra: “Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo” means I call upon the Divine Creative Consciousness, my guru, my inner teacher, to turn darkness into light.



Next we move right into ecstatic dance releasing unwanted energy and channeling bliss through movement!



After that we do Kundalini! Every dance meditation sequence has a similar structure but different details, themes, mantras, and mudras!



The Kundalini feeds into a guided visualization. (Please not these videos are only excerpts and the quality of the guided visualization is much more transformative when received live.)



Finally, we end how we began: in a community circle sharing our thoughts!



Some people wonder how dancing is meditation? Well, its actually a sacred and ancient art that was practiced by Whirling Dervishes to reach ecstatic trance like states and bring them closer to communion with god.

We don’t practice their specific form of movement meditation or beliefs, but we have a similar intent:

To invigorate our lives.

To become whole.

To believe in ourselves.

To believe that we live in an abundant universe.

We do this by concentrating on our breath, channeling and clearing energy through movement and connecting to the vibration of love through the setting sun or other elements, if done in doors.


This is a link to a video testimonial on Youtube from UC Berkley Students who practiced my Chakra Meditation, which I frequently use in the Dance Meditation! Thank you Alexandra V!


“Dance Meditation is a space where I can come and express my truest, wildest self, and know that I am accepted fully. There is something purely magical about it: soul-centered dancing with the sun in a tribe of loving people. Lindsey does such a great job leading and facilitating us all. It is a one of a kind event!” -Maggie


“I’m so happy to do the dance meditation at sunset with Lindsey. I’ve benefited greatly from the breathing and movement. Since I started I’ve lost 9 pounds. I always come away feeling more grounded and centered. I’m grateful for this time together. Thank you Lindsey Barber” –Rebecca


“Lindsey your class leadership is beyond the body work. Your brain mind imagination goal exercises have started a process to experience what I believe my life and soul are on earth to do. The messages appear more and more. With your direction and living with the process of time becomes  more rewarding and fun. Soon the future becomes now.  You know how it works. And the beach sand. Water and Sunsets eventually become the yoga.  Body Mind and Soul. Someone said set your goals the highest you can and you are doing it.” -Andy

“As the circle of the sun falls beneath the water their exists no moment save that.” -Jed


“Lindsey’s warm and inviting demeanor sets the perfect tone for the meditation. Her effervescent passion engages everyone while maintaining a fun yet focused experience, with the reminder and encouragement of mindful intentions. It’s very enlivening and centering to be at the beach as well, I can’t wait until next time!” –Noel