Please listen to this Chakra Meditation once daily to Channel Your Highest Self and keep your One Vow fresh!  Notice whether any tension or bliss resides in any of your energy centers or if visions or feelings come up during the meditation.

This is a testimonial from students at UC Berkley who listened to this Meditation on a daily basis!

Below is a Chakra Adjustment Release Form and an Embodiment of Highest Self Cultivation Form. The purpose of these Love Works are to further your ability to raise your vibration and release that which no longer serves you, while calling forth the qualities of abundance you would like to manifest in your reality.

Please practice these Love Works in two sittings so as to maintain balance and flow in your daily practice.

Begin by practicing the guided One Vow Chakra Meditation, then complete the first part which is the Chakra Adjustment Release Form. It may take you a few minutes or multiple days to complete each form. Take as much time as you need, but please always listen to the meditation to channel your Highest Self before starting the Love Works. There are directions for the Release and Cultivation forms below.

Chakra Adjustment Release Form

Click here (chakra-adjustment) for a printable PDF Version, with a properly colored Violet Crown Chakra. Instructions are below.

DIRECTIONS: For each Chakra, please write two harms, values, beliefs or ways of being/behaving, which no longer serve you that you would like to release from your current reality. If more come to mind, then take notes on a separate piece of paper and save them for later. You do not want to overwhelm yourself by trying to release all of them at once. Once the form is completed, follow daily practice instructions at the bottom of the document. Choose one line that you would like to release and write and reflect on it for five minutes each day while asking for forgiveness or guidance as to a more healthy belief or behavior to take the place of that which no longer serves you. This is stream of consciousness writing. There is no right or wrong. This could take one sitting or several. Patience is a virtue. Write for five minutes every day until you feel like you have released the old pattern and found forgiveness or a new belief or behavior to take its place. This new abundant belief or behavior will go on the Embodiment of Highest Self Cultivation Form. Please end this practice by re-reading your Self Wedding Vows out loud as a reminder to Love Yourself Unconditionally!

Embodiment of Highest Self Cultivation Form

Click here (embodiment-of-highest-self) for a printable PDF Version, with a properly colored Violet Crown Chakra.

After Listening to the One Vow Chakra Meditation, write down the most desirable qualities of your Highest Self (2 per chakra). These are the qualities you would like to call forth into your reality for yourself and others. Again you may have more than two for each energy center but please take notes on a separate piece of paper so as not to overwhelm yourself. After you have completed the form, follow the daily practice instructions at the bottom of the document. You may want to incorporate writing into this practice if it helps you visualize, manifest and reflect on these divine qualities. You can practice the Release or Cultivation form one at a time or choose one line from Part 1 and Part 2 to be both releasing and cultivating simultaneously. Do whatever makes you feel more loved and balanced!

The intention behind this is to release old beliefs and behaviors to make way for an abundant relationship with your Highest Self and attract other people and situations with similar vibrational qualities. Please practice these Love Works daily for the best results.

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