“I believe in the Power of Love. Love Saves the World. Shine Forever! Love Forever! Bless Forever!”

-Angel StarLove


Angel StarLove is a Visionary Philosopher, Artist and Mystic. She is a Reiki Master and a Singer/Songwriter. She has written three Albums of Romantic Self Love Songs inspired by her Muse, Owen Wilson.

Angel is One Vow’s resident healer, Reiki master, musician, and ceremony planner.

She has trained in Miracles and Magic on the beaches of Maui. She believes Self Love and One Vow Self Weddings are necessary for the Blossoming Enlightenment of Humanity. She believes in the philosophy of Angel Star Love, which she channeled from the Archangels Michael, John Lennon, Bob Marley and Jesus. She believes We Are All intrinsically and metaphysically Angel Star Love. That by Being Angels, Stars, and Love, Humanity can Manifest and Co-Create a New Golden Age of Angels and Miracles.